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Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

Aqbmp015 - giugno, 2008

Aquietbump is proud to publish Das Kraftfuttermischwerk from germany. 5 tracks of highly inspired electronic sounds, dense and complex, shiniy and vibrating, that let us make a further step in pure electro flavour. Release #15 and again seas to dive in, sounds to discover and observe like dancing bubbles around your snorkel.

  • 01 - der blaue daumen
  • 02 - striem
  • 03 - ankommen
  • 04 - der erste schnee
  • 05 - good morning, misses
  • All tracks by Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

    Produced and mixed by: Ronny Kraak & Nico Wawersig

    Mastered by Giovanni Roma @ Blackchannel Mastering Studio

    Coverphoto by Ronny Kraak

    Artistphoto Maelicitas

    Licensed under Creative Commons license
    BY-NC-ND 3.0 Ita

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