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Dub & Compania

Aqbmp016 - ottobre, 2008

For the first time AQuietBump releases a compilation of remixes, our friend volfoniq, picking various ingredients through our catalogue dressing them up with his own spices, and has cooked for us a meal with 5 different courses, deliciously different from our tipical dinners and lightned by his french touch. buon appetite!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 01 - sleeplees dub
  • 02 - s.m.o.g.
  • 03 - them never love massala
  • 04 - dogman dub
  • 05 - bonne nuit
  • 01 original version “Sleeplees night” by Morpho 

    02 original version “Fog” by Sardinia Bass Legalize

    03 origin. “Them never love the flowers” by Jambassa

    04 original version “Bark” by Black Era

    05 original version “Buona notte” by Peak


    All remixes by: Volfoniq

    Produced and mixed by: Volfoniq

    Mastered by Giovanni Roma @ Blackchannel Mastering Studio

    Cover art by: Paolo Picone

    Licensed under Creative Commons license
    BY-NC-ND 3.0 Ita

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