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Born in 1977 and 1976 Nico Wawersig and Ronny Kraak grew up in eastern Germany – the Wall casting a cloud over Berlin. At the time electronical music was unfamiliar, for cultural activities were of governmental concern. And obviously other musicians were regarded as more important than any kind of subculture. However first records of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk appeared in the eighties. At a moment’s notice political rebound in GDR in 1990 effectuate that there was an amazing pool of music to discover for Nico and Ronny. Since 1999 they worked as Deejays regularly. They performed on various floors on diverse events due to their musical comprehension they had acquired over the interveining years. Techno, House and Ambient are among their repertoire as well as Psy-Trance – still having a soft spot for it. After the turn of the millennium they concluded to determine their musical diction – nevertheless this attempt failed. Their preference for unhurried beats and ambient sound collages evolved from chill-floors on psy-trance festivals they visited. Additionally icons like Massive Attack, Portishead, and definitely „Wiener Schule“ around G-Stone were cutting-edge. They were taken by a mixture of organic and electronic sounds.