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Aqbmp029 - giugno, 2012

Bugs in the bass bin! Para can give order to the errors, an obscure job full of darkness, soul and dub… Dub… what brings you back to the earth, what allows you to have hope and to put things into the right place! Dust doesn’t always have to be the synonym of old, the wind can bring it in unexpected places… again: DUB is the form!

  • 1 - Draft

  • 2 - Reflection

  • 3 - Tension

  • 4 - Terminal
  • 5 - Wire
  • Debug is a concept by Para

    cover artwork 

    Raffaele “Wiseman” Gargiulo

    Tracks 1-5 by Para (Mario Parascandolo)
    @ Charlie Studio di Carlo Amendola,Napoli(It)

    @ c33 studio
    by Giovanni Roma 2012

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    produced by
    Aquietbump label (http://www.aquietbump.com)

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