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Memory recall

AQBMP07 - giugno, 2007

Two years after their first ep, ###ntain vibes, aquietbump presents memory recall, the  second release by the irpinian band Mou: bass guitar, synths, voice and dubbing are the ingredients that have slowed down the beats to a strong and steady change in the indie-dub.
5 tracks and  a radiophonic document taken from the archives of Radio Alpha, the real witness of a never-ending earthquake taken place on November 23rd 1980,  one minute and 20 sec of rattling vibrations from mother EARTH.

  • 01 - Memory reset
  • 02 - Voice flying recorder
  • 03 - Radio Alpha on air (Irpinia earthquake nov. 23, 1980)
  • 04 - Non è possibile
  • 05 - No future dub
  • 06 - Non è possibile
  • Track 03 is an original direct recording of Radio Alpha during earthquake of 23 november 1980, irpinia – south italy

    All tracks produced and played by Mou

    Lyrics by Renato Celano

    Recorded, mixed and produced by Mou @ Q Zone studio

    Mastering by Giovanni Roma @ Blackchannel Mastering Studio

    Cover design: Paolo Picone

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