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New VOODOO TAPES release out on Nov 23, 2018

Voodoo Tapes - Brightest pyre ever EP, Nov 23, 2018

Voodoo Tapes | Voodoo Tapes – Brightest pyre ever EP



New KuNa release out on Jan 15th

KuNa - Kuna EP jan 15th












KuNa | Kuna EP

Jan 15th on AQUIETBUMP


New Jambassa release out on May 5th

featuring: The Sleeping Tree, Reddog & Boom Buzz, Renato Celano, Dr Dubious, Dadub.
Release date May 5th. Grab it here!


PEAK soundtrack remake ENTR’ACTE

peak entr'actePEAK returns in a new kind of format for AQBMP, with a Audio-Video Release. Dubbing out on the movie from the Dada manifesto “Entr’acte” of René Clair, a functional reduction of “So Shy”, it’s the deconstruction of dub vs disassembled images of the film, a spectacular visible hearing experience to embrace you both live and indoors.



with JAMBASSA, PEAK and VOODOO TAPES, all together for the first time on a promotional tour set to hit the streets this spring and all through this summer of 2013.
Whoever is interested for booking (PROMOTERS, BOOKING AGENCIES, EVENT MANAGERS, CLUB OWNERS, ETC…) please contact:


Aquietbump’s Xmas Party, will be held on December 30th @ Chromazone Music Club in Atripalda (AV) Italy


You will be served an elegant menu with super amazing live sets and with some of the big acts from the AQUIETBUMP Family. The appetizer is no less than Wiseman Dub to get you going. As for the main course, we will be serving, Jambassa, Peak, and Voodoo Tapes they will be flavored by MCS Boombuzz, Reddog and Ketamo and all delighted with some visual animation created by Kanaka Project. The cherry on top will be no other than Dj Franky B aKa Criptic Monkey with his massive bass sounds to give us all a huge smile of satisfaction!


A conversation with PEAK | Createdigitalmusic / U.s.a.

Digital Dub for 2012, Part 1 – AQUIETBUMP, a conversation with PEAK 
By Matt Earp

[...] A Quiet Bump is a dub and digital roots label from Italy that’s currently 28 releases deep. They’ve just recently completely redone their website (which is beautiful) and even invented a new double mountain logo for themselves. Founded by Paolo Picone and Carmine Minichiello, the label is home to some of the most innovative dub music on the planet today – following in the vein of their german forefathers but infusing a kind of good-natured Italian warmth that makes the music truly unique and special. They label has been a labor of love since its foundation in 2005 – as Picone puts it “We are very proud in general of A Quiet Bump. We come from Irpinia, a small rural region of midland of Southern Italy… the biggest village only has 15,000 people, so developing an electronic/dub label between the mountains was not easy. A big challenge. Without the label we probably would have stopped playing music many years ago… it’s a survival project, and we are really proud of it.” [...]



[AQBMPCD001] A.A.V.V. “UNO” | Out Now!


[AqbmpCd001, feb 2012]

UNO: a starting point, the same which Aquietbump intends to celebrate, with its first compilation, 7 years of love for downbeat and low end frequencies.
Andreas Tilliander & Stefan Thor / Kondens, Stewart Walker, Hieronymus,,  Peak, Para, Dadub, Marco Messina, Stefano Cocciolo, Jambassa, Voodoo Tapes …are UNO!

available as:
- Limited Edition Digipack-Cd
- Free downloadable mp3s (from March 15, 2012)

Listen to Preview

01 – Postumi | Peak
02 – Mechanics of Growth | Dadub
03 – Silverspoon rock | Hieronymus
04 – Rat race | Jambassa
05 – Atonal | Para
06 – Femton minuter en kvart | Kondens
07 – Count backwards from 100 | Stewart Walker
08 – Untru |
09 – Tapi | Marco Messina
10 – Gaza City | Stefano Cocciolo
11 – Bloodsuckers and spiders (feat. Idren Lion Warriah) | Voodoo Tapes

Produced and distributed by


License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 Ita


UNO A.a.v.v.

Available very soon as:
Digipack-Cd (Limited Edition) | 
Mp3 free download



01 Peak – Postumi
02 Dadub – Mechanics of Growth
03 Hieronymus – Silverspoon rock
04 Jambassa – Rat race
05 Para – Atonal
06 Kondens – Femton minuter en kvart
07 Stewart walker – Count backwards from 100
08 – Untru
09 Marco Messina – Tapi
10 Stefano Cocciolo – Gaza City
11 Voodoo Tapes – Bloodsuckers and spiders (feat. Idren Lion Warriah)

Pre-order your copy by mail to:
with your name and object: Pre-order | AQBMPCDUNO

price:  10€ + shipping fees*

* option 1: ordinary: Ita 1,80€ | Eu 3,20€ World 5,00€
* option 2: express (tracking): Ita 4,90€ | Eu 7,20€ | World 9,20€

 Due to the Strike taked place in our Nation there might be some delay on the delivery of the copies of the Limited Edition Digipack-Cd. The release date is so moved to the middle of February.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience!!!



New AQBMP web-site is online

Finally new AQuietBump web site is on line.
We are still working on it. Some pages should appear still incomplete or incorrect: many contents to upgrade!
Sorry for the eventual inconveniences, and thank you in advance for your patience!!!

A big thanks to Nico Vece and THIN Design for the work.


New AQBMP Logo

We are very pleased to finally submit the new logo Aqbmp.
The mountains: our land and our horizon, and at the same time a tribute to the band, now inactive, who founded Aquietbump: MOU.

AQBMP logo